About New Zealand

  • New Zealand has both northern and southern islands. It is a beautiful, clean and safe country.
  • The New Zealand education system is similar to the British educational system. International students are welcomed and given the opportunity to explore the country.
  • NZ has strong educated market power with the right knowledge and experience. In addition, NZ provides world-class infrastructure and financial stability, making it the ideal country to settle into in the future.
  • New Zealand education is universally recognized and the process of admission is easy by taking 6 per year.

Why Study in NEW ZEALAND?

  • Go to an open and friendly society: The people of New Zealand are one of the most wonderful and welcoming people who value new ideas and respect people of different cultures.
  • Stable economic and political conditions: The economic and political conditions are very stable due to the low cost of living, which is why immigration is adopted in New Zealand.
  • Experience the pleasant weather: the winters are mild and the elevation is a little overcast, while the summer weather is hot and dry.
  • Get the skills you need for the world: 5 universities are in the top 400 in the world, New Zealand has always been recognized internationally for world class standards

Visa Process

  • Register with DEC and talk with an Education Counsellor
  • Choose a course according to your areas of interest
  • Shortlist a university that suits your preferences, entry requirements and budget
  • Apply for the New Zealand university with our assistance
  • Get counselling on visa from our experts
  • Do Visa lodgement and get AIP (Approval in Principle) from the New Zealand High Commission
  • Pay financial deposits
  • Deposit NZD 15,000 in New Zealand bank under FTS (Fund Transfer Scheme)
  • Attend our pre-departure session and get ready to depart for New Zealand

Visa processing time :

The processing time for New Zealand Student Visa is 3 to 4 weeks approximately. The processing time may vary depending on the case and the location of the application center.

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