About Us

DISHA EDUCATION CONSULTANCY – Direction to Bright Future

Who we are?

Disha Education Consultancy (DEC) is a leading Global Education consulting organization with excellent credentials for providing value based services to both international institutions and aspiring students in India. It is of one the top education consultants across India.

Disha Education was founded in the year 2004 on a firm set of beliefs and principles with it’s first office incorporated in Vadodara and with the solitary aim of providing the right guidance & well deserved opportunities for all those students who ever wished to make a mark in the academic field and pursue an educational program abroad. Our team of dedicated yet caring professionals leave no stone unturned when it comes to the educational aspirations of a client. We relentlessly thrive to elevate the dreams of the parents & students simultaneously through our strong force of dynamic professionals at multiple locations.

DEC is working with the top notch leading educational Universities and Colleges in Canada, UK, Europe and in India as well for several Under graduation, Diplomas, Post graduation and Masters courses available. In India we are one of the pioneers to bridge the gap between Indian students and top international medical institutions in India, Georgia, Ukraine and Armenia. DEC is aiming for developing the best pathway available for students and working towards their future goals.

The feedback of our students stands testimony to the epitome of perfection that we have reached over these years & motivates us to take the good work principles to the highest level of customer satisfaction in the field of international education consultancy.


What we do?

We provide assistance to the students interested in overseas education and work closely with the families of students at every stage of their academic journey. We are exclusive & authorised partners of all the underneath mentioned universities across countries like Georgia, China, Ukraine & Armenia. Disha Education Consultancy is a Abroad Education and Immigration Consulting Organization with Excellent Credentials and totally tailored approach providing Value Based Services and the best level of support to the Students aspiring higher studies abroad amongst countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA & European Countries like Malta, Latvia, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Poland etc.


Our Mission

  • To provide innovative & quality study options to global destinations
  • To broaden students' academic, life and work perspectives
  • To promote global awareness
  • The most effective ethical representation and promote growth through superior customer services, quality and commitment.
  • To encourage personal development and Lay the Foundation for Indian students to become engaged and empowered global citizens.
  • To enable students to learn with unprecedented opportunities and efficiency & enable them to be a part of an enterprise that could be the most intelligent & intuitive workforce in the competitive future world.
  • Making aspirants of Overseas Education believe that it’s not travelling to study but a new way of learning things in multicultural and multi-ethnic environment.

Our Vision

Keeping students at the core of our Study Abroad Consultancy Business & allowing them the right guidance as well as the opportunity to use their intellect & creativity making them exponentially more productive & work side by side with the work force of the world in future.

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